4 Types of Digital Marketing Courses

There are many different types of online courses on digital marketing, and the right one for you may be completely different from what others are offering. But no matter what kind of course you decide to pursue, understanding your target customers is key to success. Data analysis, targeting personas, and value propositions are essential for digital marketing success. In this article, we will cover four types of online courses, including Udemy’s MicroMasters program and Optinmonster’s courses.


If you’re a newbie in the digital marketing field, a course on Udemy might be just what you need. These courses cover everything from sales psychology to market research and even how to use Google Analytics. Besides the basic fundamentals, you will also learn how to create and implement winning campaigns and use tools such as Facebook and Instagram. The best part is that most of these tools are free. To get started with digital marketing, you can sign up for a free trial course, where you can ask questions and learn from other students.

If you’re looking for more advanced courses, you can choose a Udemy digital marketing course that covers a higher level of digital marketing strategy. The courses are taught by renowned Udemy instructors. In addition to the basic concepts, you can learn how to build a brand, drive traffic to your website, and use proven techniques to convert leads into sales. With nearly 40 hours of content, you can find a course that covers every aspect of digital marketing, from the fundamentals to more advanced strategies.


A Powered by OptinMonster logo and link are a part of the OptinMonster digital marketing course. If you are serious about your business, OptinMonster is the best choice. You will have to pay an annual fee to keep your account active. The Thrive Leads plugin and WordPress integration are useful features. You can also share your access with others. You can also manage the permissions for each sub-account. You can also use the smart targeting feature to attract more new business.

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OptinMonster claims that its setup process takes less than 60 seconds. While this may be true for some forms, a successful campaign will require more thought and support graphics. OptinMonster also comes with built-in analytics to track how many times the forms are displayed and how many signups you have received. You can also filter your analytics by date period, which is a great feature. Once you have created a campaign, you can begin testing the signups to find out which ones are the most effective.


For a beginner, an online digital marketing course from Udacity is a great way to start. The courses cover everything from marketing fundamentals to social media marketing to search engine optimization, display advertising, and email marketing. This course can lay a strong foundation for a rewarding career in the industry. You can earn a certification after completion of the course. It will take you about three months to complete a course at a time, and will prepare you to enter the competitive field of digital marketing.

In addition to its nanodegree program in digital marketing, Udacity offers a complete digital marketing education that includes guided projects. Students will learn how to develop a social media marketing strategy, run Facebook Ad campaigns, and research data and analytics. The certification that graduates earn from this program is not recognized by universities or accredited institutions, so it is mainly relevant to the tech industry. However, the program is not accredited and may not be the best choice for all students.

Udacity’s MicroMasters program

The edX MOOC platform offers a variety of graduate courses on various topics, including digital marketing. The MicroMasters program emphasizes problem-solving skills, analytical thinking, and how to integrate traditional and digital business models. Students can audit courses for free, and pay later for verified certificates. In addition, the program also focuses on performance management. In a recent study, 98% of participants said they would recommend this program to others.

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One of the benefits of Udacity’s online marketing courses is that it offers industry-expert mentors, which is often essential for learning. While this is an important benefit, some people have been critical of the company’s recent plans to reduce mentor salaries. Some worry that the company will be forced to replace professional mentors with cheap, inexperienced employees, threatening the quality of the entire mentor-based learning system. Thankfully, Udacity’s founder and CEO Sebastian Thrun is back in managerial positions and has promised to increase mentor salaries.

Udacity’s Nanodegree program

The Udacity’s Nanodegree in digital marketing program is a free, online course that focuses on the fundamentals of the subject. While there are no prerequisites for this course, students should have basic computer skills and be comfortable navigating the Internet. Students can complete the entire course within 3 months, with some exceptions. The Nanodegree takes four weeks to complete. Students should plan on completing their program by November 5, 2020.

The Nanodegree is not cheap, but it comes with exclusive benefits and is packed with information. If you’re looking for a digital marketing course that is inexpensive and can be completed in a few months, consider Udacity’s Nanodegree. You’ll have to pay EUR359 per month, but you’ll get access to a lot of valuable content and exclusive features. You should expect to spend at least three months on the course.

Brian Clark’s free Internet Marketing course

When it comes to the Internet, Brian Clark is one name that needs little introduction. His name is a familiar one – he’s the founder of Copyblogger Media, Rainmaker Digital, and Entreproducer, among others. But what makes him unique? In a word, innovation. In this free course, you’ll learn everything from how to create your own landing page to how to build a content-driven online training business.

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The free Internet Marketing course by Brian Clark has been written by one of the world’s most influential bloggers and creators. It offers advice on how to write a compelling content that sells. The course is delivered via email and downloads. There’s no need to pay for a subscription; you can access the course for free. This course is suitable for both newbies and seasoned Internet marketers alike. You can read the free eBooks whenever you want to learn more.

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